It is a conscious effort at BannaMesh to supply a superior product at the same price as alternative options. All our products outlast competitors by atleast 2-3 times, which can mean a 50%+ cost saving on your marketing needs.

We are constantly working with our material suppliers to improve spec to make our products safer, longer lasting and better looking.

We are not a re-seller, so we have complete control over our quality, All our products are manufactured in our Australian based production facilities, with a very close eye for quality.


BannaMesh use state of the art finishing equipment including high frequency welders and fullly automatic eyeleting machines in order to get the highest quality products along with quick turnaround times.



Here at Bannamesh we don’t settle for second best – with completely inseperable edges welded at 450°C Bannamesh fence mesh will outlast all other available products on the market by 2-3 times ask us for a free sample of our Bannamesh today to experience the quality!



Bannamesh use 13mm Stainless Steel eyelets every 500mm on both the Premium Bannamesh and the Premium Bannamesh Panels. Punched in by automatic machinery these eyelets are strong, durable and will never rust!

It is important to make sure your banners have stainless steel eyelets every 500mm to ensure even distribution of pressure from wind load on your banners. In turn this will make your banners last a lot longer in the harsh Australian environment.



For the Breezebanna product the team at Bannamesh use 5mm nylon rope edging. This technique is strong, hasslle free, and allows the banner mesh to be tied onto the fence at any point along the banner, rather than set 500mm spacings when using eyelets. Being a strong finishing technique, rope edging is best suited to high wind areas.

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