The team at Bannamesh believe highly in social distancing practices which is why the team here at Bannamesh have developed a product that aids in managing both your staff members and any visitors on site safety which is maintained using the social distancing measures implemented by the Government.

Bannamesh has designed these social distancing markers with the intention to be used widely throughout various workplaces to ensure the appropriate 1.5m social distancing is applied throughout the factory to ensure the safety of employees and any visitors onto site.

These social distancing markers are self-adhesive stickers with a laminate that makes the stickers easy to read and follow. The social distancing markers are developed locally from a durable non-slip adhesive vinyl, which can be used on a variety of surfaces. Social distancing markers are a perfect tool for any environment with large amounts of workers or perfect for any indoor use. This product is also available in FIVE standard colours

• Red • Blue • Green • Yellow • White


These social distancing markers come in a variety of designs with some of those including:

The following social distance markers come in the following sizes:

These team here at Bannamesh also provide the following Covid-19 Signage:

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If you believe these are the right product for your business during these tough times, please don’t hesitate to contact the team here at Bannamesh, as we provide a highly effective and cost-effective product aimed at keeping your staff and factory safe.

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