Rip Stop 10 Banner Mesh

Here at BannaMesh the core focus has always been on product quality. We noticed an industry wide trend with banners tearing and becoming unusable very quickly. In most situations this starts with an unavoidable puncture in the mesh from construction related activities, such as excavators hitting fences etc. For this Reason we developed an exclusive Banner Mesh weave at our manufacturing facility called RS10 (RipStop 10). The special and Secret weave (RS 10) developed by and exclusive to BannaMesh doesn't allow punctures to continue into long tears through your banner.

The list of benefits from this special formulation is long, to name a few:

> No banners tearing off scaffolding or fences causing road or pedestrian hazard/obstructions.

> Longer lasting and reusable banners, meaning a greater return on your investment. 

> Good looking banners, always.

Before ordering your next Banner, Banner Mesh, Building Wrap, Mesh Banner, make sure you touch base with the BannaMesh team to ensure you get RS10 included in your banner to ensure you experience the benefits listed above. Call 1300 159 686


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