Mesh Fence Panels

Banner mesh fence panels are one of the most sought after products for us at BannaMesh. With varying frontage lengths on residential construction sites mesh fence panels are the best option for home builders. Mesh fence panels allow Residential and small construction companies to use the same design and banners for multiple sites and in some situations re-use them.

Mesh fence panels are most commonly designed to the size of a temporary fence panel. This ensures you can fit the banner on your site. The sizes of Temporary fence panels can vary from manufacturer, If you can't make it to site to measure up but know who your fencing is supplied from, our staff can help you with the sizing.

It is very important when purchasing printed mesh fencing panels to make sure that all 4 sides of the banner are hemmed and eyeleted. Some new comers to the market only hem the top and the bottom of their mesh fence panels and this results in tears due to the poor quality mesh they use. Here at BannaMesh we hem all four sides of the Mesh fence panels to ensure longevity. 

It is also important to make sure the eyelets on your banners are Stainless Steel, the reason is there is plastic eyelet alternatives in the market that have been designed for the European Market. These plastic eyelets don't hold up to the harsh conditions of the Australian environment. they turn brittle within 3-6 months and essentially cause your banners to fall off the fence. Another important point regarding eyelets is to make sure they are spaced every 500mm not every metre. the reason this is important is in high wind areas your banners require the maximum amount of fixing points to evenly spread the windload.

Here at BannaMesh all of our mesh fence banners are created with a fully UV stabilised printing process through the industry's largest printers. We use only the best equipment available to the industry for all our Printing, Hemming and Eyeleting processes. this ensure our banners last 2-3 times longer than all other alternatives in the market.

Always remember, our products are proven to host a 200% quality beat and we also we beat any valid lower quote by 5%.

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