Flame Retardant Banner Mesh

Due to the recent and well publicised fires involving scaffold netting and containment sheeting, Safework NSW released a Safety Alert informing contractors of the dangers related to flammable and combustible materials on scaffold and site structures. the new industry guidance by Safe Work NSW can be viewed at (www.safework.nsw.gov.au/resour…)

Typically polyurethane (PE) containment netting has been the standard product used industry wide for many years now which is the product involved in the incidents which evidently has been shown to be highly flammable.
The fact that there has been no Australian standard or industry guidance in this area to date that gives contractor a clear benchmark to measure against means this will be a massive shake up for the industry.
The team of product engineers at BannaMesh have developed a flame retardant banner mesh product that complies with the aforementioned industry guidance and also is fully compliant with wind ratings for scaffold netting and also is fully printable.
Many materials and substances found in workplaces are flammable or combustible. The risks associated with a certain material or substance may not be immediately obvious, however the implications could be catastrophic. Independent testing of building materials for fire hazard properties is required to appropriately assess and control the risks.

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