City of Sydney Vinyl Hoardings

BannaMesh specialises in creating the best signage solutions for construction sites Australia wide and we have extensive experience working within the legislation set out for City of Sydney Creative Hoardings Guidelines.

The City Of Sydney Hoarding guidelines have been put in place to ensure the city looks amazing whilst infastructure is being built and buildings undergo refurbishment. The designs included in the new specifications are historic images of the City and also new abstract art from within the city.

Standard designs have been developed by City of Sydney to ensure they have control ofver the images printed in the City. The team at BannaMesh will ensure concealing your site with beautiful graphics is easy and completely hassle free.

Vinyl hoardings from BannaMesh are very durable and completely UV stabilised, for the harsh conditions faced in the Australian environment. In situations when you require flame retardant banners, we can offer you the right product backed with certification.

The City of Sydney specification artworks can be used free of charge for your hoardings and facades, and we will make sure your site graphics POP through our years of experience and state of the art in-house machinery.

Dealing with BannaMesh will be hassle free and your project will come together with ease. We give you access to our specialist in-house design suite who deal with projects just like yours on a day to day basis. Along with this, We have multiple Sydney Installation teams ready to deliver your project whatever the size or complexity.

Contact the City of Sydney's hoarding specialist on 1300 159 686 today to discuss your current site and how we can work together to deliver an amazing hoarding that complies with the City of Sydney Creative Hoardings Guidelines.


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