Breeze Banna

Breeze Banna is product designed to suit high wind areas and the harsh Australian climate. It is suitable for many different appications such as attaching onto scaffolding to temporary fences, between fence poles creating great advertising opportunities and will use your worksites to get your "marketing on a roll"

Breeze Banna is a lot less wind resistant than most other printing solutions. Breeze Banna's much more open weave make up allows wind to flow freely through the mesh which in turn puts less load on the structure to which it is attached to. 
Because of the open weave make up, the print quality isn’t as high as our other premium mesh types. However you will still be impressed with the print quality

> Building Wraps

> High Wind Area Advertising

> Scaffold Advertising



Suitable for all range of application. This construction offers a great balance of image 
quality while allowing suitable air permeability.
This material is made with an RS10 weave (Ripstop). RS10 is exclusive to BannaMesh and 
will ensure that you don't get tears in your product, making them last much longer.


Weight: +/- 200 gsm

Threads: 9 x 9 per inch

Base Fabric: 100D x 100D (woven scrim)

Roll Widths: 1.6m, 1.8m

Roll Length: 50m

Fire Retardant: Certification available upon request.

Air Permeability: 4,064 MM/Sec

Tensile Strength: Warp - 900 N/5cm, Weft - 810 N/5cm

Tearing Strength: Warp - 390 N/5cm, Weft - 230 N/5cm

Temperature Resistance: Low -20°C, High +70°C


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